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Master 42 A

Camptel Line


Large ironing press ideal for finishing knitwear, cotton and wool garments and large linen such as sheets, towels and tablecloths. The upper buck closes with or without contact and with or without pressure, to adapt to every need.

Upper buck: light aluminium alloy casting, steam-heated, steaming.
Lower buck: steam chamber, vacuum and steaming.

Worktop designed to maintain constant steam pressure and temperature without creating condense. Immediate to use once reached operating conditions.
A homogenous steam is instantly spread all over working surface thanks to the steam chamber and the action of a special valve of our production.

Vacuum & Steaming actions:
– operated by mechanical single pedals;
– operated separately;
– perfect steam flow regulation and operation rapidity;
– silent and powerful motor for vacuum action.

Built-in steam generator:
– 23 Lt boiler with 15 or 18 kW of heating element, fully automatic operation, with pump for direct water supply, electronic level control, safety valve and discharge pipe.

Working cycles selectable by electronic card with digital controls, which allows the storage of up to 20 different settings and the programming of three positions of the upper buck:
– without contact, the upper buck stops at a maximum distance of 8 cm at the closure;
– with contact, without pressing;
– with contact and with pressing operation.

These different selections are perfectly suited to the type of garment that is ironed, avoiding, in the case of fine wool garments, the crushing of the fibre that is instead revived through the operation of steaming from both sides. In addition, the upper buck has the possibility of an oscillating adjustment to ensure a perfect alignment with the lower buck.

The steaming, vacuum and buck closing circuits are independent.
It can be operated manually by means of a pneumatically controlled pedalboard.

The metal structure is oven-painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.
The pneumatic system requires a connection to an external source of compressed air.

Standard worktop: 1800 x 850 mm.

[Boiler]+[Vacuum and Steaming, Heated Lower Buck (Steam Chamber)]+[Steaming, Heated Upper Buck (Steam Chamber)]+[Adjustable Closing]+[Programmable]


Other power voltage available on request

Power Voltage V400/ph3+N+T/50hz
Boiler capacity 23 Lt
Boiler heating element 12 kW
Water pump 0.70 Hp – 0.50 kW
Vacuum exhauster 0.50 Hp – 0.375 kW
Steam pressure 5 bar
Air pressure 7 bar
Buck dimensions 1800x850mm
Overall dimensions 1900x1300x1400 H mm
Weight 600 kg

Additional information


– 18 kW heating element
– Aluminum, polished, non steaming upper buck
– Eletric steam iron group complete of switch and iron rest


Master press for knitwear


Built-in Boiler

Master 42 A

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