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Platina 22 A

Camptel Line


Large, steam-heated, vacuum and steaming ironing board.
Ideal for ironing garments that require a finishing treatment only with vacuum and steaming actions, without pressure on the garment.
Table board designed to maintain constant steam pressure and temperature without creating condense. Immediate to use once reached operating conditions.
A homogenous steam is instantly spread all over working surface thanks to the steam chamber and the action of a special valve.

Vacuum & Steaming actions:
– operated by pedals;
– operated separately;
– perfect steam flow regulation and operation rapidity;
– silent and powerful motor for vacuum action.

The pedals for the activation of the vacuum or steaming actions can be pneumatic or mechanical, to be agreed at the time of order.
The pneumatic system requires a connection to an external source of compressed air.
On request, it is also possible to program up to 20 different settings of the working cycles by means of electronic controls.
Built-in steam generator:
– 23 Lt capacity boiler and 12, 15 or 18 kW heating element with fully automatic operation, with water feed pump, electronic level control, safety valve and conveyed discharge.

Worktops: flat or slanted to be agreed at time of order.

Standard buck: 1800 x 850 mm.
Large buck: 1850 x 950 mm.

The metal structure is oven-painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.
High quality mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components combined with attention to easy use and high safety standards are the most important features that maintain quality of this table in line with Camptel world-wide known tradition.

[Boiler]+[Vacuum]+[Steaming]+[Steam heated board (Steam chamber)]



Other power voltage on request

Power voltage V400/ph3+N+T/50hz
Boiler capacity 23 Lt
Boiler heating element 12 kW
Water pump 0.70 Hp – 0.50 kW
Vacuum exhauster 0.50 Hp – 0.375 kW
Steam working pressure 5 bar
Compressed air pressure 6 bar
Buck dimensions “Standard” 1800 x 850 mm
“Large” 1850 x 950 mm
Net weight 360kg
Overall dimensions 1900x1000x900H mm

Additional information

Buck shape

Slant buck available on request.
– Rectangular "Standard" 1800 x 850 mm
– Rectangular "Large" 1850 x 950 mm


Pedals for vacuum and steaming with pneumatic operation (compressed air required).
Pedals with mechanical operation available on request.


– Electronic card for working cycles setting
– 15 or 18 kW heating element
– Front heat protection
– Cloth tightener upper frame




Ironing table




Built-in Boiler


Steam Heated

Platina 22 A

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