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Technomatic 454 A

Camptel Line


Pneumatic press with pedal controlled press head, upper buck safety device.
Time-controlled in all cycles of ironing, with electronic card with digital controls and equipped with a switch for the exclusion of timing.
Boiler capacity 23 Lt, built-in water pump and vacuum exhauster, steam-heated bucks, steaming from upper and lower bucks, vacuum from lower buck only.
The connection to a compressed air source is necessary for correct operation.

The TECHNOMATIC series of presses, characterised by the wide range of models available, has been designed to meet the most modern requirements for use in laundries, ironing plants and the garment industry.
The differentiation is developed on the basis of the assumption to fully satisfy all the technical specifications of ironing used in every part of the world.
Presses with manual or pneumatic operation, with or without boiler, up to 6 different buck shapes, electronic devices for control of the ironing cycles, possibility of adjusting the pressure of the bucks, are some of the distinguishing features of the CAMPTEL presses, whose main objective is the quality of the ironing operation, together with the speed and ease of use of the equipment.
Metal structure oven-painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.
The entire TECHNOMATIC series has been designed to guarantee maximum operating capacity, durability and less effort for the operator, together with a high level of ironing faithful to the most modern principles of Italian design.

[Boiler]+[Vacuum and Steaming, Heated Lower Buck (Steam Chamber)]+[Steaming, Heated Upper Buck (Steam Chamber)]+[Programmable]


Other power voltage on request

Power voltage V230/ph3/50-60 Hz
Boiler capacity 23 Lt
Boiler heating element 12-15-18 kW
Water pump 0.70 Hp – 0.50 kW
Vacuum exhauster 0.50 Hp – 0.37 kW
Steam pressure 5 bar
Air pressure 7 bar
Buck height 1020 mm
Weight 350 kg
Overall dimensions 1410x1300x1200h mm

Additional information

Buck shape

– Utility "01A" (220x1190x360 mm)
– Trouser leg "03" (312x1110x450 mm)
– Utility leg "025" (205x1200x505 mm)
– Waist "015" (195×485 mm)
– Rectangular "R" (600×1000 mm)
– Body Bosom "BB" (368×762 mm)

Other buck shapes on request


– Additional pedal for vacuum action on the lower buck pointed end (shapes 01A – 03 – 025 only)
– Blowing action on the lower buck through compressed air
– Stainless steel, polished, non steaming upper buck (SS)
– Eletric steam iron group complete of switch and iron rest
– Air and steam gun
– Vacuum spotting buck (shapes 01A – 03 – 025 only)


Dry cleaning and laundry press


Built-in Boiler

Buck descent



Electronic card

Technomatic 454 A

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