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The Company

The company Anghinetti Roberto snc was born in 1968 in Gussola, Cremona from the idea of Mr. Roberto Anghinetti, a skilled mechanical toolmaker able to build stamping moulds for presses and subassemblies. The supports for industrial sewing machines became the first product to be completely “Anghinetti”: they stand out for their quality in terms of sturdiness, design and attention to details, such as oven painting with epoxy powders. The appreciation of the companies in the textile and clothing industries places the company Anghinetti as a leader in the market of stands for industrial sewing machines.

In 2000 the Anghinetti family decided to differentiate its production activity by acquiring the well-known company Camptel International, world reference for the production of industrial ironing machines. Camptel then acquires Idrosmack, which enriches the Anghinetti range with the well-known spotting machines. After years of long illness, Mr. Roberto Anghinetti died in 2012, and the continuity of the Anghinetti & Camptel brand is guaranteed by his tireless wife Pieranna Boselli and his son Fabio. The company carries out its activity in Gussola, Cremona in its own industrial site, which covers an area of 14000 square meters of which 11000 are indoor, allowing to produce every single component internally. The undisputed quality of the product and 100% “Made in Italy” allow Anghinetti & Camptel to export and be recognized in fifty-two countries around the world.

The current product divisions are:

  • Components and accessories for garment production plants and clothing industry
  • Industrial ironing machines for the textile and clothing sector
  • Ironing machines for ironing plants, communities and hotels

The new management structure and the renewed technical-commercial strategies aim at concrete and far-sighted goals, at the unavoidable preservation of the quality-price ratio, at the guarantee of an ever-increasing quality.

The awareness of our customers that they have made the right choice is our present and our future.

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