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Economica 2

Camptel Line


Simple and immediate installation, cold process, absolute safety (even with unqualified personnel), maximum economy.

Cold spotting system:
– The high pressure (8-10 Bar) atomises water (lean stains) or stain remover (greasy stains) through the fabric and allows the removal of dirt.

Our system removes almost all stains with water and/or stain remover products, the use of which is reduced to a minimum with the cold stain remover system.
Need for connection to compressed air source.
Metal structure oven-painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.
The wet spot is immediately treated with the dryer gun, leaving no stains.



Other power voltage available on request

Power Voltage V230/ph1/50hz
Vacuum exhauster 0.60 Hp – 0.45 kW
Air pressure 8-10 bar
Overall Dimensions 1350x590x1730H mm
Weight 70 Kg

Additional information


– Steam spotting group
– Additional stainless steel arm

Economica 2

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