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Europa 62A

Camptel Line

[Vacuum + Blowing + Board electrically heated + Boiler INOX 5 Lt]

Ironing table with vacuum and blowing action from board.
Suitable for ironing silk garments or other light fabrics.
With device that provides simultaneous activation of vacuum action and steam from the iron

Board electrically heated with adjustable temperature control
Pre-arranged for right and/or left use

Chimney for upward air conveying, can be folded ( for shipment).
Built-in stainless steel INOX steam generator 5 Lt capacity, 3,5 kW heating element fully automatic, with water feed pump, electronic level control and safety valve.

High quality Soft-Fix padding allows a perfect vacuum and bowing action from board.
Ironing board available in different shapes: Standard, skirt-trouser, rectangular.

Modularity and large selection of accessories for a comfortable and effective use.

Metal frame, painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.

High quality mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components combined with attention to easy use and high safety standards are the most important features that maintain quality of this table in line with Camptel world-wide known tradition.

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Other power voltage on request

Power Voltage V400/ph3+N+G/50hz
Boiler Capacity 5 Lt INOX
Boiler Heating Element 3.5 kW
Board Heating Element 550 kW
Air Pressure 6 bar
Motor for Vacuum Action 0.70 Hp – 0.55 kW
Water Pump 0.70 Hp – 0.50 kW

Overall Dimension and weight, are NOT indicated, because they change based on board dimension selected.

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Buck Temperature Regulation

Buck Temperature Regulation


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Europa 62A

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