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Polar 68 A

Camptel Line


Vacuum and blowing ironing table for cold ironing.
Non-heated table: ideal for delicate fabrics, technical fabrics, silk, wool, linen, mixed fibres.
Tables specifically designed to avoid the “shiny” effect of ironing and preserve the softness and freshness of the fabrics.
Specific high-tech padding (included in the standard supply).
With device for simultaneous activation of vacuum action and steam from the iron.
Pre-arranged for right and/or left use.
Manually adjustable worktop height.
Foldable chimney for upward air conveying (for shipment).
Electric steam iron included.
Built-in stainless steel INOX boiler 5 Lt capacity, 3,5 kW heating element.

Specific Soft-Fix padding, to allow long operation without condensation and optimal suction and blowing actions.
The metal structure is oven-painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.
Available buck shapes:
– Utility “01”: 250x1400x450 mm
– Skirt-Trouser leg “07”: 290x1405x450 mm
– Rectangular “R” (use on one side only): 1300×600 mm
Modularity and large selection of accessories for a comfortable and effective use.
Plant created to solve every need of “finishing”: the sales data clearly confirm the high degree of appreciation of our efforts.

[Boiler]+[Vacuum]+[Blowing]+[Adjustable Height]+[Simultaneous Iron and Vacuum]



Other power voltage on request

Power Voltage V400/ph3+N+T/50hz
Boiler Capacity 5 Lt INOX
Boiler Heating Element 3.5 kW
Steam Pressure MAX 5 bar
Air Pressure 6 bar
Vacuum exhauster 0.70 Hp – 0.50 kW
Water pump 0.70 Hp – 0.50 kW
Buck dimensions “01” 250x1400x450 mm
“07” 290x1405x450 mm
“R” 1300×600 mm
Buck height 77 to 92 cm, manually adjustable
Overall dimensions 600x1600x1700H mm
(may vary depending on the buck shape)
Weight 185 kg
(may vary depending on the buck shape)

Additional information

Buck shape

– Utility "01" 250x1400x450 mm
– Skirt-Trouser leg "07" 290x1405x450 mm
– Rectangular "R" 1300×600 mm


– Electronic card for working cycles setting
– Support and swinging arm for sleeve bucks
– Vacuum and blowing sleeve buck
– Vacuum spotting buck
– Steam gun
– Air and steam gun
– Trolley for steam iron hanging
– Lamp support (without steam iron support)
– Lamp for trolley
– Rotating iron rest
– Support for hangers
– Trouser leg support


Ironing table


Built-in Boiler

Cold Board

Manually Adjustable

Polar 68 A

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