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Mistral 31V

Mistral 31V

Linea Camptel
Mistral 31 V
[Form finisher for dry garments + Ventilator + Time switch programmed + Pneumatic arms + To be connected to external steam supply]

Air operated form finisher suitable to finish shirts, vests, classic or leather jackets and coats.

Powerful steam action and ventilation that dry and tension garments.
To be connected to main steam and air supply.

With pneumatic arms for better tensioning and to simplify operator job.
Available with finishing device of 130 or 150 cm, with specific tensioning covers, 360° rotation.

Supplied with electronic card to set working cycles, sleeve stretchers and clamps.

Metal frame, painted with anti-scratch epoxy powder.

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Other power voltage on request

Power Voltage V400/ph3+N+T/50hz
Steam Consumption 20 kg/H
Ventilator 1.5 Hp – 1.125 kW
Steam Pressure 5 bar
Air Pressure 6 bar
Overall Dimension 1200x1200x2000H mm
Weight 130 Kg

Dimensioni ingombro indicate sono per la spedizione ( bracci tensionamento maniche chiusi).
Dimensioni ingombro con bracci tensionamento maniche aperti :
1200x2100x2000H mm

Mistral 31V

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